Zappa Lotta Cantucci Basel

»Love at First Bite«

Hand-made cantucci without artificial flavouring
Manufactured in Basel (Switzerland) according to the original Italian recipe.

Our credo: the finest flavours from sustainable cultivation breathe fresh life into the traditional Italian biscuit. A distinguished cut and love for detail give the cantucci their unmistakable handcrafted character.

Cantucci – or Biscotti di Prato – are traditional Italian almond biscuits from the province of Prato near Florence. As with “zwieback” biscuits, they are baked twice over, first as oblong shapes and then in slices, which makes them crumbly and durable.


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Cantucci Basel
The fusion of the typical almond and vanilla aroma of cantucci
with spices, flowers and fruits are delicate bursts of taste that
can be enjoyed individually or combined with coffee, tea, wine,
Vin Santo wine, gin or vermouth to evoke a «Mmmmmh».

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For corporate customers

Our cantucci are an excellent gift for customers, partners and employees. Special packaging, packaging units and logo branding or tailormade messages on the packaging are all possible. We will be happy to send you an offer and suggestions.

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For us, appreciation starts at home in our region. We produce in Basel and consciously source raw materials from Switzerland, Austria and Germany. We also support regional small farmers. Other raw, fair-trade materials are procured from small farmers’ cooperatives in Greece, the Balkans, Brazil, Madagascar and Nepal, among other places.


Zappa & Lotta – the story

Like many stories, this one started during the 1st lockdown.
As jobs simply dissolved into thin air, because events were no longer being held,
Andrea pulled a long-cherished idea for this project out of the drawer (at last!).
Once upon a time, the idea of baking cantucci was just a hobby coupled with an authentic enthusiasm for inventing new flavours. So every year, family and friends were treated to new and different flavour variations.

Thrilled with the basic recipe, I was driven by curiosity to see how cantucci could be varied in taste.
– Andrea

Andrea experimented for a long time on different recipes until she perfected the symbiosis between the traditional Italian cantucci recipe and the new flavours, which were courageously enriched either by fresh fruits or spices and flowers.

The famous Basel confectionery Beschle, established 1898, produces the Cantucci exactly according to Andrea’s recipes. With a great love of passion, craftsmanship and perfectionism. And all made entirely by hand.

Individual instead of industrial! The Cantucci from Zappa & Lotta. Love at first bite…


My principles are: Regionality as far as possible, organic and/or fair trade.

The spices come exclusively from organic cultivation or are collected in the wild. In this way, I support small farmers from Switzerland and all over the world. We produce “on demand”, as the products are free from artificial flavourings or additives and can be kept for at least six months and up to a year if stored correctly.

I have a great desire to break new ground with the Cantucci creations, develop further products and expand distribution. Basel is world-famous for its art and culture – and also for its confectionery. I look forward to enriching Basel’s baking culture with another creation that will one day hopefully conquer Switzerland and the world.

My motto:
“Do it with passion & a smile – and doors will open“

Bild Zappa Lotta Andrea neu 2 basler laeckerli 1
Zappa & Lotta – Partner

We have high standards for quality and the overall process. We see suppliers and producers as partners. The traditional cake shop, Confiserie Beschle Basel, produces the cantuccis in loving and elaborate handwork strictly according to our recipes.

These friends & companions deserve great thanks,
because without their faith, patience, time & opinion along with
their energetic support we would not have made it this far:

Among others, the family print shop Kropf & Herz from Lörrach with the owners
Axel & Monika Greiner, Pascal Schärli and our families & partners!

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